Positive Disrupters

It seems that many people are scared to be disrupters. The dictionary definition for disrupter is as follows;

1. To cause disorder or turmoil in

2. To destroy, usually temporarily, the normal continuance or unity

3. To break apart

As you can see there are negative connotations to the word disrupter and you can understand the fear of being a disrupter. A few weeks ago I met up with a group of wonderful business women to discuss how we can make change. One of the ladies Diana Chrouch said that we need to have a Disruptive Paradigm Shift in thinking when looking at how BAME business owners are treated. What was interesting was the reaction of some of the ladies about her remark. Not everyone felt comfortable about being disruptive.

I understood Diana’s statement because I felt one needs to have a disruptive stance to make change. If you think about all the amazing people such as Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks and others they were disrupters. I actually call them Positive Disrupters.

If you are a Positive Disrupter your objective is to make effective and positive change to a situation. Generally you are in an influencing position which requires you to disrupt the status quo to make changes. You may be the one less favoured in an organisation because the changes you need to make are not in alignment with the thinking of those who do not want change.

Equality & Diversity is a key area that requires Positive Disrupter. It is a fact that many organisations are rigid in this area and do not comply to the changes that are required to have an open and honest environment that does not discriminate against anyone in the organisation. It is the Positive Disrupter that is the leader of change in this area because it is this individual that is required to point out the necessity for positive change to enrich the organisation with talent and to manage retention.

It can be a thankless task to be a Positive Disrupter as some organisations really do not appreciate the role that is played by these individuals. The rewards are numerous if the right individual is put in place to spear head positive changes within the organisation. To help those who have been marginalised because of their race, disability, sexuality etc is one of the most rewarding things you can do. To see them break their bonds of negativity and rise like a phoenix is likened to seeing a child take their first steps.

I am proud to be a Positive Disrupter that supports positive change and open discussion. I am happy to directly challenge what I believe to be unfair practices to ensure those who are discriminated against have a voice. I am willing to give advice and create programmes to facilitate solid change. I will not tolerate anyone or any organisation that demonstrates poor behaviour towards others and will continue to champion the rights of those less able to do so themselves.

Lets be more supportive of those who need our assistance. Practise being a Positive Disrupter for critical change. Be a champion, mentor to those who need guidance. As Denzel Washington said “Don’t aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference”.

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