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Equilibrium Mediation Consulting (EMC Ltd), is a HR Consultancy providing bespoke HR services  to the public and private sector.  We aim to deliver a holistic package that will enable organisations to develop their HR Strategy.  You may wish to look at your equality, diversity and inclusion strategy, change management or people development strategy. 

As part of our HR offering, we are able to provide mediation to organisation that wish to use our services as part of their conflict resolution strategy.  Our accredited mediator can provide training to staff members to allow them to up skill to manage conflict more effectively.

We provide unique support to the C-Suite in conflict management to enable clear communication at board  and management level.  Too often C-Suite become forgotten in this process, we would like to see this change.

If  you are looking for one-to-one conflict support we are able to give independent advice on conflict situations. We can also act as your Independent Associate on cases not requiring legal representation.

New* – We have designed a new mediation approach, (Mindful Mediation©️)
this service cultivates open and honest discussions with employees and allows for a progressive approach promoting wellbeing  and strong employee engagement. This service operates outside of the conflict resolutions process.

Emotional Intelligence is embedded in everything we do. Our accredited EISAP practitioner can provided Emotional Intelligence assessments for your employees to make your Organisation stand out from the crowd.


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EMC Ltd believes in being open an honest about capability that is why we are happy to say we work with established partners to delivery an effective service.