Ethnicity Pay Gap Consulting

Ethnicity Pay Gap

I have been campaigning for the eradication of the Ethnicity Pay Gap for over 2 years. Through this time, it has become apparent that there hasn’t been sufficient support for organisations to assess and develop plans to deal with the Ethnicity Pay Gap.  As a subject matter expert I am able to provide support to enable you to have a stress free path to tackling your Ethnicity Pay Gap within your organisation.

Consulting Services

  • Assessing your approach to reviewing your Ethnicity Pay Gap
  • Advice on capturing your data
  • Review and plan a strategy to utilise your data
  • Bridging the gap – Advice on compensating for disparity
  • Support and design advice on announcing your data

If you need a reminder of why it is important to deal with your Ethnicity Pay Gap, Lord Woolley makes it clear.

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