Ethnicity Pay Gap Consulting


Ethnicity Pay Gap

I have been campaigning for the eradication of the Ethnicity Pay Gap since 2018. During this time, it has become apparent that there hasn’t been sufficient support for organisations to assess and develop plans to deal with the Ethnicity Pay Gap.  As a subject matter expert I am able to provide support to enable you to have a stress free path to tackling your Ethnicity Pay Gap within your organisation.

Consulting Services

  • Assessing your approach to reviewing your Ethnicity Pay Gap

  • Advice on capturing your data

  • Review and plan a strategy to utilise your data

  • Bridging the gap – Advice on compensating for disparity

  • Support and design advice on announcing your data

If you need a reminder of why it is important to deal with your Ethnicity Pay Gap, Lord Woolley makes it clear.


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