Mediation, What is it Good For?

Mediation, What is it Good For?
Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Mediation is an effective tool to resolve issues.  It is surprising in this day and age that some people are still unaware of how mediation can help in life situations. Mediation can help with Family, Civil, Commercial and Workplace issues.

In the Workplace environment there are challenging situations that cannot always be resolved by wheeling out the disciplinary & grievance procedures. Some occasions require you to ‘think outside the box’ .

Workplace mediation can be used to resolve employment issues when the employee/employer relationship breaks down.  It is often used when the situation has become unattainable for both parties and has reached a point were neither party wishes to give way to the other.  However, early intervention into a situation is also useful  to sustain a long term relationship that will allow both parties to build a positive future.

As mediation is done ‘without prejudice’ neither party will be able to divulge any information relating to the mediation. Discussions are open but closed discussion sessions are also provided to both parties to assist with reaching an outcome suitable to both parties.

If the mediation is unable to reach a resolution you may wish to proceed to tribunal. An employee/employer can give evidence of dates, time of mediation to demonstrate that they have engaged in mediation before the case was presented to tribunal. This would  go some way to show the willingness of both parties to reach a resolution allowing both parties a positive platform to present their case.

The use of mediation is an effective way to resolve issues before proceeding to court. It is a well known fact that mediation is a more cost effective route than going directly to the courts for resolution.  It also allows more control to be given to the people within the mediation to  reach an amicable arrangement.

So why isn’t mediation used more widely?  I suspect one of the main reasons for this is lack of awareness. If you are interested in finding out further information on mediation you can contact me via email on or contact the following organisations, ACAS, Civil Mediation Council,

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