Coming Out Of The Cold!

You may find this title a little strange but for me it shows how I feel. Before working in HR, I use to work in the recruitment consultancy industry for 16 years. I left the industry because I achieved all that I could within this sector. I decided not to go back into recruitment and focused on my desire to work within the HR industry.

Recently I have encountered extremely poor service from agencies. I know not all agencies behave poorly but there is a significant potion that do. My experience has been poor communication which has resulted in lack of feedback when I have been put forward to vacancies, poor email correspondence that is at best generic when receiving feedback for positions I have applied for. I have even made direct calls to recruitment consultants and left messages for them to call me back and I have not had any response.

My experience is not unusual I have seen many comments made on LinkedIn citing similar occurrences such as mine. I have even noticed clients making comment about poor relationships that they have had with agencies.

Having noticed this negative trend I have decided that my HR consultancy service will expand its recruitment offering to accommodate a service which will enable individuals looking for work to access support and for organisations to have a more tailored approach to their recruitment needs.I will provide a Recruitment Business Partner approach to those seeking work and for organisations who wish a more closer relationship.

If you are an individual looking for work or an organisation requiring support with your recruitment strategy I would like to here from you. Is this a service that would be of interest? If yes please make contact using the details below. If no, I would like to find out why this would not appeal to you.