What do You do When no one is listening?

What do You do When no one is listening?
Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I have tried many strategies to finding my next assignment, signed up with agencies, applied directly to companies, posted messages on LinkedIn and reached out to my network. I have never come across this before, it seems ‘no one is listening’.

Nobody seems to want to talk to me on the phone about how they can help, some agencies I have to say, don’t even return my call when I have tried to make contact with them.

It doesn’t seem to be enough to be a professional individual with years of experience. What are people looking for? Have I missed out on a new trend?

I have experienced moments of doubt, I of course remind myself that I have a lot to offer its for someone to recognise my talent and reap the reward of recognition. I have shared many positive posts from others to empower those in similar situations.

In my previous writing, I mentioned that I am a facilitator. I am pleased to be the catalyst to enable individuals to reach their goals, big or small. One of my specialisms is recruitment/talent acquisition (the new word). I would like to believe that those I have come in contact with in my working career have found me to be approachable, and that I have made time to listen to them. I am connected to some of those individuals, so please comment.

I often wonder if my experience is just indicative of the world we live in today? Social Media is driving change which is good but lets not forget you can learn more about an individual if you talk to them!

I know some of my contacts are interims, what are your experiences? For those in permanent positions are your employers listening to you? Do they know that you want that promotion or pay rise?