Employment Law – Why Are Some Organisations Not Taking it Seriously

The definition of Law from Google web:

  1. 1.the system of rules which a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and which it may enforce by the imposition of penalties.”shooting the birds is against the law
    synonyms: rules and regulations, system of laws, body of laws, constitution, legislation, code, legal code, charter; jurisprudence “the law of the land”


  1. 2.a rule defining correct procedure or behaviour in a sport.”the laws of the game”
    rule, regulation, principle, convention, direction, instruction, guideline, practice “the laws of the game”
    I am sure there are more complexed definitions out there but this fundamentally is what it is. When you add employment in front of law it seems that some organisations can’t seem to understand they have a lawful duty to behave in a certain way. Why is it that we seem to be seeing a significant growth in complaints relating to organisations acting unlawfully when it comes to employment law? Is there a lack of understanding about employment law? Do organisations respect the law?
    There are ways and means out of situations relating to employment issues, one of which is a non-disclosure agreement. Is it time for us to get rid of this tool which is often being used to hide serious issues by offering financial payment?
    I find it concerning the lack of respect that is shown by some organisations to their employees. Human Resources can no longer be bullied by those within an organisation who avoid dealing with grievances in an appropriate manner. Smaller organisations without Human Resources should not be excused in their behaviour either. Employment Law is there to help organisations to operate appropriately. There should be no excuse, there is enough support and guidance.
    People make an organisation, lets not forget that. The law is there to protect employees and organisations to help to facilitate a positive working environment.