Are You a Facilitator Too?

Are You a Facilitator Too?
Thursday, February 12, 2015

Whilst between Interim assignments I have had time to reflect on how I have been using LinkedIn of late. I have twice sent out notification that I am available for work and only had two likes for each post (thanks to those who did) and I have 600+ contacts? However, this post is not about that, its about acknowledge the type of person I am.

Of my 600+ contacts, I have many that publish jobs, seek assistance for various reasons, write interesting articles. My first instinct is to share this information with my network to help others. I have been able to assist in finding an individual to help with a legal issue that could potentially prevent someone from becoming homeless, helped a contact with sending out details about a missing person, and others wanting to discuss changes in law, new diversity initiatives etc.

Being a facilitator is a strong attribute to have, particularly in HR and mediation. It allows you to assist in finding options and provide solutions when required. Sometimes a facilitator is a driver of change by being the link between those who want change and those who don’t.

I like being a facilitator, its very natural and wondered what my connections thought of themselves?