Ethnicity Pay Gap Update

The #EthnicityPayGap campaign has been in existence for over 3 years. We have demanded that government have a debate on mandatory Ethnicity Pay Gap reporting. We have stood firm on these requirements and have encourage others to do the same. As our campaign began to grow we galvanised more people to raise their voices to ask for a debate to be held in parliament to ensure that mandatory reporting could be enacted into law. Last year over 100,000 people signed the petition for Ethnicity Pay Gap mandatory reporting, the TUC have recently articulated their desire for mandatory reporting to happen to ensure fairness in the workplace.

As the founder of the #EthnicityPayGap campaign, I felt it my duty to announce that the government has agreed to hold a debate on making Ethnicity Pay Gap mandatory to report. I have had many people thank me for my efforts in raising awareness of this issue, which I am grateful for, however congratulations should not only be for me. The praise should also be for the supporters of the campaign who have bought the T-shirt and raised their voices, the people who attended the Synergised Solutions webinar on the Ethnicity Pay Gap. Organisations that have supported the campaign, Fawcett Society, Black and Asian Lawyers, Equality Trust and Spktral to name but a few.

It has often been a lonely road pushing this agenda, but with the support of so many people I have managed to get us to this point. The debate in parliament will occur on 20th September 2021 and I am happy that they are finally having the debate. This however, is only the first step in the Ethnicity Pay Gap mandatory reporting journey. I have no plans to congratulate myself because the hard work still continues. Having the debate is an ongoing process which will take time (not too much time I hope). We must still continue putting pressure on the government to get mandatory reporting of the Ethnicity Pay Gap into law. We also need to ensure that a roadmap of action to eliminate pay disparity is part of the proposal.

My campaigning will continue and your support is very much appreciate. Lets ensure our voices are heard so that we have what is needed to make change. I am willing to speak to any MP involved in these discussions to educate them and support them with taking action that I and others believe is necessary to ensure that, what is enacted into law is fit for purpose.

We have setup a website dedicated to the Ethnicity Pay Gap campaign the website is there to support and give advice to those who need it. We can count the debate as a win but lets not lose sight of the goal!