#Ethnicity Pay Gap – The Push For Recognition

You should never write when you are annoyed they say. Today, I am afraid I am compelled to do so. We know people try to rewrite history particularly when Black people are involved. Some of you are aware that I am the founder of the #EthnicityPayGap campaign which has been established since 2018. I have also had the support of organisations such as The Voice, Fawcett Society, Operation Black Vote, Equality Trust to name a few. I have written numerous articles about the Ethnicity Pay Gap and have given talks to public and private sector organisations. In 2021 I created Ethnicity Pay Gap Day and in 2022 my colleague Susan Baker and I produced a research report Impact of the Ethnicity Pay Gap on Black Women.

Today I read some information by Sky News about the Women and Equalities Committee demanding that Ethnicity Pay Gap is mandatory by 2023. No mention of the campaign was forthcoming, They omitted my existence as the founder of the campaign that has been pushing for mandatory reporting for almost four years. Moreover, I have asked that companies demonstrate how they are planning to close the gap. I think the Women and Equalities Committee have done a disservice to me and to the supports of the campaign by not including us in the conversation and acknowledging our existence.

I could not let this day go by without saying something. I haven’t worked this hard to be ignored, neither have the #EthnicityPayGap supporters. I suspect although I have written this, some will wonder what the fuss is about, at least the Women and Equalities committee are pushing for mandatory reporting, yes that is great but at least acknowledge our work in pursuing the government to make Ethnicity Pay Gap reporting mandatory.

I refuse to stay silent about their omission because it does matter!